Natax is an experienced business consultancy specialising in business development in West Africa. If you are exploring the possibility to expand your operations in Africa but don’t know where to start, or if you are already operating in an African market but seem to always hit barriers, then Natax is here to help. In collaboration with you, we will:

Analyse your business needs and match your operations to the most relevant market
Advise on transitioning to a new market whilst retaining the integrity of the business model
Carry out a competitor analysis
Prepare a strategic development plan for market opportunities and successful market integration

Lead Generation

Natax is familiar with the local business culture and has a wide portfolio of key business and governmental contacts in West Africa that are key to successful business introductions.

Services include:

Introduction to local agents
Introduction to potential partners
Coordination of B2B meetings
Support at international trade shows and during trade missions
Staff training on national customs and business inter-relationships to ensure that you ‘speak’ the business language of the country.
Representation: we can pitch on your behalf to African partners to facilitate your entry in the market of your choice.

Market Entry Strategy

Natax will carry out SWOT Analysis of your business and suggest the most innovative route to market

UK ‘silo’ thinking – trying to replicate a UK business model overseas. Natax will analyse your existing business model and make suggestions for a seam-free adaptation to your target market’s business protocols and legal requirements. This will allow you to successfully export your product to the new market without compromising its and your core values.

Natax has built a strong network of business partners and key industry players in Africa to support your export ambitions.

Your outsourced export department

Now that you have identified a project, an investment and a new business location in Africa, you need to understand the national law on acquisition, contracts and business registration to avoid complications that could potentially stall your operations for months. Natax will:

Provide a jargon-free ‘to-do’ list for a successful business set up
Help with registration
Coordinate dialogue with local authorities
Help you to manage relationships with governmental authorities and local businesses